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The Family History

Four Generations of Family Grape Growing & Winemaking

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In 1881, my Great grandfather, Pietro Carlo Rossi left his native Dogliani, Italy and immigrated to SanFrancisco as a young Pharmacology graduate. In SanFrancisco, he joined his uncle who was one of only two pharmacists in the city at that time. That same year, Andrea Sbarbaro founded the Italian Swiss Colony, in Asti, CA as a grape growing cooperative venture.

A short time later, in 1888, the Colony was failing as grape prices plummeted. Sbarbaro hired Pietro Carlo to be the new director of the colony. He quickly changed it to a winemaking operation. Experimenting with innovative winemaking techniques, Italian Swiss Colony became the largest winemaking operation in California by the end of the century.

History PhotoAfter Pietro Carlo’s sudden death in 1911, my grandfather, Edmund A. Rossi and his twin brother Robert took over the company. In 1920, a few month’s after prohibition, a four way partnership was formed between Edmund and Robert Rossi, Enrico Prati, and Edoardo Seghesio, under the name Asti Grape Products. The group sold grapes, grape juice,and concentrate for domestic wine production.

In 1933, afetr the repeal of prohibition, the name Italian Swiss Colony was resumed, and the company was re-launched as the leading winery in the United States. In 1942, Edmund and Robert Rossi conceded control of the winery to National Ditillers Corp.

In 1953 the company was sold to United Vintners, and my father, Edmund A Rossi Jr., was hired as vice president and director of quality control. He went on to have a storied career of over 35 years in winemaking that ended in 1983. He continued on until 1990 as a private winemaking consultant. My dad had an incredible passion and love for quality winemaking. He will forever be a great influence behind our small winery project.


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